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With the increase of environmental awareness pertaining to health concerns, government and regulatory bodies are raising the standards and setting out new regulations to reduce the risk of health problems linked to environmental issues. As such, the growing needs of clean water have led to increased awareness and more people are educated to monitor the water discharge, usage and intake.

Thus, Water Analysis is essential to identify and quantify the properties of water samples. It is often the groundworks of study for water quality, pollution and hydrology. The physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water is the measure of the condition of water relative to the requirement or standard. Water needs to be compliance to certain sets of regulation and standard according to its uses. Water analysis provides the information needed to ensure that the water supply adheres to the requirements to safeguard the well-being of end-consumers.

We offer a wide range of water analysis tests:
(Click here to view our range of testing parameters)

Effluent Analysis
Environmental Quality (Industrial Effluent) Regulations 2009

Drinking Water / Potable Water
Malaysian Drinking Water Quality Standard 2014 and WHO Standard

Sewage Analysis
Environmental Quality (Sewage) Regulations 2009

Marine Water Analysis
Malaysian Marine Water Quality Standards and Index

River Water Analysis
Department of Environment National Water Quality Standards
& DOE Water Quality Index Classification

Benchmark / Dutch Standards of Groundwater