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Our Site Investigation Unit is able to conduct site tests and provide various geotechnical and structural instrumentation services to study geotechnical behaviour and structural movements which are often associated with projects involving foundation, deep excavation, and underground tunnels, on-ground Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Systems, expressways and flyovers.

We are also able to carry out laboratory testing of undisturbed samples, prepare various analysis and reports, as well as engineering recommendation for foundation analysis. 

Our soil investigation services include:

  • Execution of ground soil investigations
  • Drilling on land, in river and rock coring
  • Preparation of bore logs
  • Site tests (SPT, vane shear test, permeability test, pressure meter tests, cone penetration tests)
  • Laboratory testing of undisturbed samples
  • Preparation of factual reports, engineering recommendation for foundation analysis, geotechnical interpretive report

Our Soil Instrumentation services include monitoring of lateral and Vertical Ground Movement, Pore Water Response and other aspects of geotechnical behaviour.